Regional Sustainability ›› 2022, Vol. 3 ›› Issue (4): 346-355.doi: 10.1016/j.regsus.2022.11.004

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Land tenure security, place satisfaction and loyalty in the peri-urban area of Ibadan City, Nigeria

Taiwo Oladapo BABALOLA*()   

  1. Institute of Governance, Humanities, and Social Sciences, Pan African University, Yaoundé, 06000, Cameroon
  • Received:2022-09-17 Revised:2022-11-20 Accepted:2022-11-29 Online:2022-12-30 Published:2023-01-31
  • Contact: Taiwo Oladapo BABALOLA


Land tenure security is pertinent to achieving the sustainable development agenda in cities where land is needed and useful for development purposes. Sufficient empirical research has been done to prove the importance of tenure security for investment, resilience, conservation, food security, as well as health and well-being, but it has not been clarified if and how land tenure security could adequately influence place loyalty and satisfaction with the residential environment, as it is clear that place loyalty and satisfaction are pertinent to inclusive development. Using the case of Ibadan City, the study examined how different dimensions of tenure security could determine residents’ place loyalty and satisfaction. The study employed a survey cross-sectional research design to distribute 514 structured questionnaires to household heads across 4 sampled peri-urban local government areas while 452 were retrieved for analysis. Hierarchical regression analysis model was employed to understand the association between tenure security dimensions and satisfaction (as model I) and loyalty (as model II). For model I, F=8.640, P=0.000, R=0.555, and R2=0.308 were obtained; while for model II, F=9.157, P=0.001, R=0.415, and R2=0.173 were acquired. This thus means that residents’ place loyalty and satisfaction can partly be explained by tenure security. In particular, respondents with no eviction experience, recognized property rights, and invulnerable to eviction have higher odds of being satisfied and loyal. Therefore, we recommend protection, improvement, and upgrading of land tenure security as one of the means to promote place loyalty and satisfaction, which is essential to achieving inclusive and sustainable development.

Key words: Land tenure security, Place satisfaction, Place loyalty, Urban governance, Peri-urban area, Sustainability, African city